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Name:Ecoosi Q14 Catomizer
heating wick:japanese organic cotton
e-liquid prevention:coil indirectly contacted with battery and star shield system
coil structure:improved oval type ceramic base, stronger oil absorption
work with:low and high voltage battery
compatible with:dulite PG and thick VG e-juice
resistance:1.2ohm and 1.6ohm
E-liquid capacity:1.8ml
Heating wire:kanthal wire, stable heating supply, longer lifespan
atomizer thread:ego thread, 510 thread
working voltage:3.3~4.6v

Product Description

Ecoosi Q14 clearomizer

Ecoosi Q14 clearomizer has solved weak coil oil absorption problem, which is common issue for other 14 series bottom coil clearomizers. Customers don’t have to wait 2 minutes after filling e-juice. Because Ecoosi Q14 coil features with improved Oval type coil structure, which leaves spacious hallway. It absorbs more e-liquid rapidly and generates more pure taste.

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Customers will enjoy better vaping experience with Ecoosi Q14 clearomizer. As spacious hallway, our Ecoosi coil will absorbs e-juice more rapidly. The coil will be wetted very quickly. So you can vape right now after filling e-liquid.

Improved Oval type coil structure, more pure taste without burning

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In market, most manufacturers use round type ceramic base in Ecoosi coil. Because it is easy to control leakage problem. However such design will causes bad oil absorption and burnt taste. Ecoosi company updated to Oval type ceramic in order to make sure stable e-liquid supply. The juice-hallway of Ecoosi Q14 coil are very spacious. So the liquid can be absorbed more quickly and clearomizer creates more pure taste and huge vapor.

Compatible with both dilute PG and thick VG e-liquid

As spacious juice-hallway, so you can enjoy thick VG e-liquid with Ecoosi Q14 clearomizer. VG(Vegetable Glycerin), is an ingredient of e-liquids, which is syrupy. It gives a “thick” sensation to vapour but clogs up coils more rapidly).

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Lots of customers prefer VG e-liquid as it creates a lot more vapor. However it is easy to clog up as the liquid is too thick. With spacious juice-hallway, our Ecoosi Q14 clearomizer allows you to enjoy both dilute PG and thick VG e-juice.





Two resistance coils to better compatible with different voltage battery


In market the 14 series bottom coil clearomizer use 1.6ohm resistance. It works with both low and high voltage batteries from 3.3V to 4.4V. However, many customers complaint the vapor not big enough(vapor not warm) if use normal ego battery for 1.6ohm resistance.



So Ecoosi company also offer 1.2ohm Q14 coil. It generates warmer vapor and get better performance with thick VG battery

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Double leakage prevention

Ecoosi Q14 clearomizer is with double leakage prevention system to block liquid on battery or backward into mouth: Special air control system make coil indirect contact battery, prevent leakage on battery or coil short; Star shield system blocks liquid spitting into mouth.

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100% Japan organic cotton

The organic cotton used in Ecoosi Q14 coils is unbleached, non-chemical treated.It is from non genetically modified plants, that is to be grown without the use of any sythetic agriculture chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides. Its production also promotes and enhances biodiversity and biological cycle. Japan organic cotton is reowned for being pure and super absorbent. The Ecoosi Q14 coil generates better flavor and bigger vapour.

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USA heating wire, Kanthal wire

The heating wire contains no sapling oxid, which may contaminate your juice and also cause short circuit or failure of elements. It is with longer lifespan and supply stable heating than heating wire made in China.

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Magnet cover, health

Ecoosi Q14 clearomizer has magnet cap, which not included in other 14 series bottom coil clearomizer. It will keeps drip tip clean from dust.

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Airflow control

The air supply can be controlled by adjusting hoop on the bottom of the tank. Smaller holes are for users who are not heavy vaper. While bigger holes for who vape lot.

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Pyrex glass tank

The transparent tank tube of Ecoosi Q14 clearomizer is made of pyrex glass. Pyrex glass is heat-resistant glass and with higer chemical durability. So chemical changes or corronsion are effectively preveted from e-liquid.

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Welcome to contact us for OEM&ODM your ideal catomzier and e-cigarette. for more details, please feel free to contact: darren@ecoosi.com

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