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Name:Ecoosi S14 Coil
Place of origin:Guangdong, China
resistance of coil:0.8ohm, 1.2ohm, 1.6ohm
package:5pcs per pack, 10 packs per box
cotton:Japanese Organic cotton
OEM & ODM:Available
Woking voltage::3.4v-4.8v

Product Description


With advanced inside structure of oval type ceramic base, our bottom ceramic OCC coil(C14,S14 or Q14 coil) can work with thick VG e-liquid as it absorbs e-juice more rapidly. Unlike other OCC coils, you don't have to wait 2 more mins to vape after refilling juice. No burnt taste even you use 4.8V battery to work with it , though the resistance of coil is 1.6ohm. Considering health, our OCC coil use unbleached, non-chemical Japan organic cotton as heating element.

5pcs-pack-JUSTFOG-Q16-Replacement-Coil-Japanese (1).jpg

Compatible with brand clearomizers:

Viper V2丨JustFog C14丨JustFog S14丨JustFog G14丨JustFog Q14丨Ribilio C14丨Ribilio S14丨Haka Ginx 丨 Viper V2 (air, V3) 丨Vera cartomizers 丨Smokey 2 Cartomizer 丨Novo B1 丨Korea J one cartomizer 丨T14 cartomizer 丨Justfog Q16 丨Eco V14 丨Gear-Mizer 丨Ramiya 5T mizer Ⅱ

The reasons why you should choose us as reliable supplier

1. Different ceramic base, absorb juice more rapidly, no burnt taste.

viper justfog haka cartomizer (3).png

In market, most manufacturers use round ceramic base as it is easy to assemble. But it causes burnt taste for weak e-liquid supply. We updated to oval ceramic base to get stronger oil absorption. The cotton in oval ceramic coil is spacious that gets e-juice faster. The double anti-leakage system of this bottom coil blocks any liquid into clearomizers.

2. Work with different type e-liquid, can use syrupy VG e-liquid, significantly more vapor.

viper justfog haka cartomizer (1).png

Lots of customers prefer VG e-liquid  because it creates a lot more vapor. Our bottom ceramic OCC coil absorbs e-juice more quickly. With our improved structure OCC coil, you can enjoy strong throat hit with your PG dilute e-liquid or cloud of vapor by VG thick e-liquid.

3. Different heating wire, made in USA, longer lifespan

viper justfog haka cartomizer (11).jpg

Heating wire No harmful heavy metals test result:

coil test result.jpg


                                                1.       MDL =Method Detection Limit

                                                2.       N.D. =Not Detected(

                                                3.       1mg/kg =1ppm = 0.0001%

                                                4.       “-” = NotRegulated

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